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    How to Sterilise Glass Jars and Bottles.

    Even the largest food and drink producers rinse and wash out their Glass Jars and Bottles. 

    This is for several reasons but the main one is that any foreign bodies that may have entered the jars or bottles are removed. 

    Before making jam or food we suggest cleaning your containers out very well so as to preserve the life span of their contents. 

    As there are two main ways to Sterilise your jars and bottles we suggest this one.

    1. Wash the jars and bottles out with soapy but not too hot water otherwise you run the risk of your bottles or jars shattering.
    2. Enter your Glass Bottles / Jars and twist off lids into a pot and cover them with either tap temperature or room temperature water.
    3. Ensure there are no trapped air bubbles in either the jars or bottles.
    4. Cover the pot with a lid and turn the stove on and warm the water up, (not to quickly) until it is boiling.
    5. Keep the water boiling for 10 minutes and then bring the water temperature down so the water is still very hot, this then ensures the jars / bottles are very hot for when you put the jam / food or drink in.
    6. Remove the jars from the pot when you are ready to fill them and if you are putting in hot food ensure the jars are hot at the time of filling. The best way to remove the jars / bottles is usually using fork / wooden spoon. Ensure you empty the water out of the jar / bottle when you take them out. It goes without saying be careful as the jars and water are hot. Only remove the jars as you need them.
    7. Place them onto a towel or tea towel. If you place them onto a cold surface, you face the risk of then shattering.
    8. Quickly fill the jars to the brim while they are still hot especially if you are using a hot fill. For jars push the food in removing the air bubbles especially for jam which will preserve the contents for further.
    9. After filling them quickly put this lids on and turn them upside down. The jars should now be sealed, after 5 minutes turn them back over and let cool at room temperature.