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    Spirit Bottles Australia

    We supply a range of Glass Spirit Bottles ranging from Miniature 50ml up to over 1ltr speciality Spirit Bottles from unique designs throught to European Premium Spirit Bottles. 

    700ml Two Pinch Glass Spirit Bottle

    European Spirit Bottles Wholesale

    We work as agents with the UK’s largest Glass Distributor in order to source Spirit Bottles out of Europe with direct shipping to all major Australian Cities.

    Minimum order of manufacturer stock Items is 1 pallet but for better pricing is either a 20ft or 40ft container of glass.

    A small selection of these are available on our website ready for you buy direct and quickly.

    This enables you to access 1000’s of different options with decorating options like spraying etc. Our UK partners have won multiple awards through their work with Spirit and Gin companies in the UK.



    New Mould Customer Spirit Glass Bottle Designs700ml Bulbous Whisky Spirit Glass Bottle

    Again through the UK company who we represent here in Australia we are able to help design and produce new bottle designs.

    If you are looking for any new designed bottles then look no further. Minimum order is a 40ft container (40k bottles) however for the best pricing we would recommend 100k bottles.

    All our manufacturers have been audited and meet very stringent controls and a high level of quality control.

    In dealing with a respected and long standing company / family that has been selling to the Spirit industry for over 145 years is knowledge and experience that is passed down generation to generation. (Jars Bottles Direct owner and our partners in the UK come from the same family)