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    Guiso Glass JarLunch in a Jar Series: Vegetable and Chicken Guiso

    What is in it

    (Best to cook with Chicken Drumsticks to add flavour)


    Fry Garlic and Onions

    Add Chicken (Drumsticks)

    Slightly Cook the chicken

    Add Water to cover the chicken and add the Vegetables

    Add your Condiments to suit your own taste .IE Salt

    Boil for approx. 20 mins or until Chicken is cooked.

    You can then either shred the chicken or remove the chicken.

    Filling the Glass Jars with the Guiso

    After Washing / Rinsing the Jars. Click here to see how to wash and prepare the glass jars.

    While the Glass Jars are still warm fill with the Hot Veggies and the Broth and seal with the Lid. (Don’t fill a cold jar otherwise it will shatter)

    If you want these to last a while we would then suggest you pasteurise the jars however if you are going to use these within the next few days or week you can let the jars cool down and put them in the fridge.

    You can cook this with Rice and swap the chicken for a Accompany with any Rice or any Protein.


    These should keep for a while however we cannot guarantee how long this will keep however if it is done correctly they should keep for a couple of months.