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    Jars Bottles Direct Guarantee

    We offer a Guarantee to you as our customer.

    1) We will refund or Replace any broken glass.

    2) In the event you are over charges for freight we will issue a credit for the differance. 

    Refund or Replace Glass Bottles and Jars Policy

    We offer you a guarantee that will give you peace of mind that we will replace or refund any broken glass that may occur.

    For our Refunds we don't just cover the cost of the glass but also the proportion of shipping. 

    Why can we offer this Guarantee?

    In all our shipping we only get 1 in a hundred shipments that have any damage to the bottles or jars. 

    This is as we have extensive experience of shipping glass jars and bottles via couriers that we understand that on the odd occasion the glass can break. As a result we take great care in packing up your order to ensure your glass jars or glass bottles won't knock against each other during shipment. (the no 1 cause of glass breaking) 

    We have unfortunatly found that some of the cheaper couriers (And no longer used) don't know how to handle a box or boxes and they have arrived beaten and bashed. We think you would rather a good looking box delivered that someone has looked after with great care. 

    How to Claim on this Guarantee

    In the rare event that glass does break please advise what you want along with a photo of the broken bottles or jars.  (Replace the broken glass or a refund along with a photo)

    Time for Refund or Replacement

    Replacements are normally sent our within 48 hours unless you advise it is ok to send with your next order. 

    Refunds are issued direct to your Card or Paypal depending on what method you paid. This is processed within 48 hours. 


    Shipping Guarantee

    What is this Guarantee

    All our freight rates are the best we can get however if we end up overcharging you for freight or you select a more expensive option we will issue a Store Credit for the differance. 

    Why do we offer this Guarantee

    We believe in good old customer service so we won't overcharge for freight. 

    Also we sometimes can get a much better rate than our online system offers. 

    All our couriers that we offer are due to 2 reasons: 1) Good Customer Service  2) they know how to handle our packages. 

    The differance in rates normally has only happened to our regional larger customers that end up ordering more than 15 packs as we don't have their postcode and rates in the system for larger orders.

    How do you claim

    This is done automatically. If you have not placed your order please call us before and we can ensure you rate is in the system so you don't get overcharged. 

    If you think you have been overcharged please contact us to take a look in the event it has slipped through the system.

    Store Credit when we can get a cheaper rate.

    In the event a credit needs to be issue it is normally carried out within 2 days of your order being shipped. 

    Who can use the Store Credit?

    The store credit can be used within 12 months and by anyone but only once.